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Tips to help with Oxygen Concentrators

Basic concentrator check:
If you are concerned that you may have a leak in your concentrator, here are a couple of tips to trouble shoot the problem yourself:

First, make sure all of your equipment is securely fastened, this will include the water cap and the adapter. These components must be on snug as to not leak any oxygen.

High pitch noises:
If you hear a repetitive high pitch noise this may be because you tubing is pinched. Check around you to make sure your tubing is not being sat on or under anything heavy that may cease oxygen airflow to your cannula.

If you feel that you are not receiving air from you concentrator there is one simple test you can do:
Halfway fill a glass with water from your sink
When your concentrator is on and running, place your cannula into the cup
If you see bubbles coming up from the glass of water this means everything is working fine and you are receiving oxygen

If you do not see bubbles, check your water bottle and make sure everything is secure tightly
If everything looks correct use your back up and call Aggio Medical immediately, and we will make sure we are out to see you that day.

Tips for concentrator use:
Always use distilled water
-tap water has minerals in it that is not good for you to breathe in
When cleaning any of your equipment DO NOT use bleach or vinegar.
-Bleach and vinegar is not good for tubing it can discolor and harden it
-Use mild soap and water

You may order new tubing at any time
There is no RX necessary to receive tubing

Nose irritation:
Liter flow over 2 usually will have a humidifier with the concentrator, if it does not and you feel you need humidification let us know so we can notify your Dr. and send him a progress note over to him.
If you are getting a bloody nose, a humidifier may help you.

If you have a concentrator with us and have further questions or you need immediate assistants please contact us.
Contact our customer service representatives:

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